CLAIM: Johnny Depp’s Attorney Was Kicked off the Virginia Lawsuit by the Judge

It's claimed Adam Waldman, Johnny Depp's attorney, was removed from Depp's Virginia case for unethical behavior. Is it true?

CLAIM: Adam Waldman, Johnny Depp’s attorney, was kicked off  the Virginia case for violating ethics rules
SOURCE: Courthouse News

If you’ve been following the Johnny Depp / Amber Heard saga, you’re well aware of how many twists and turns there have been over the last two years. And the reason you’re aware is that tabloids always seem to get a one-sided look at ‘evidence’ being submitted in the proceedings. Consequently, on several occasions, the judge presiding over the Virginia lawsuit between the divorced actors  has made it clear  he doesn’t want their defamation case tried in the press. Now, according to Courthouse News, Judge Bruce White has thrown Depp’s attorney Adam Waldman off the case after learning the lawyer had given the press confidential information covered under a protective order.

Waldman, a former lobbyist for Russian oligarch and Kremlin insider Oleg Deripaska,  was admitted pro hac vice — for this case only — to Fairfax County Circuit Court in September 2019. That same month, Court House News reports, Judge White signed a protective order governing the treatment of Depp and Heard’s personal information like medical records, including psychological conditions, diagnoses or treatment.

In a court appearance today, Amber Heard’s lawyers accused Waldman of spreading false rumors about their client and White, who is chief judge of the 19th Circuit, agreed and moved to revoke Waldman’s pro hac vice status, agreeing Waldman had violated ethical standards.

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