CLAIM: The FBI is Investigating Amber Heard for Perjury in Australia

Is the FBI investigating Amber Heard on behalf of Australia for perjury committed in the United Kingdom? Not unless they're breaking US government protocol!

Update: The Umbrella Guy’ has blocked this writer and gone dark on Twitter.

CLAIM: The FBI is Investigating Amber Heard for Perjury in Australia
SOURCE: That Umbrella Guy – Youtube Channel

The Anti-Amber Heard Astroturf campaign has become a cottage industry, garnering thousands of ad clicks and donations from gullible nerds, incels, and Johnny Depp fans hungry for Amber Heard tall tales. One of the carnival barkers behind this is ‘That Umbrella Guy.’ Through his Youtube channel, he whips his fans into a frenzy over unsourced (and created) innuendo only to follow-up with something else even more outlandish as soon as his previous claim’s shelf-life expires. Perpetual outrage. He viewers never seem to notice his previous claim never panned out.

His latest is an extreme embellishment of an actual story that’s been public knowledge for almost a year – that  Ms. Heard is under investigation by Australia’s Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment after an ex-employee of Depp’s claimed in court he was ‘forced to lie’ under oath about her dogs’ illegal entry into Queensland. Dubiously missing from this news item, which hasn’t been updated in over a year, is whether it’s Depp’s ex-employee who perjured himself by saying that about Ms. Heard. But that’s not the actual meat of this new claim.

Tug, as he’s affectionately known by his fanbase, claims the FBI is cooperating with Australia’s government. His corroborating evidence is scant and quite possibly manufactured. What we DO know is the “Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has primary investigative responsibility for perjury violations in all cases and matters involving departments and agencies of the United States, except those arising out of a substantive matter being investigated by the United States Secret Service; Internal Revenue Service; Immigration and Naturalization Service; United States Customs Service; Drug Enforcement Administration; Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms; or United States Postal Inspection Service. The FBI also investigates violations relating to cases and matters not involving the United States government, or its agencies or departments, such as a civil case in a United States District Court between private parties. Upon written request of the Department, the FBI also investigates perjury violations committed in connection with any inquiry or investigation being conducted by the United States House of Representatives or the United States Senate, or their components.” (source)

Based on the bureau’s guideline for perjury investigations, it’s easy to surmise perjury allegedly committed in the United Kingdom about a case in Australia doesn’t rise to the level they’d typically participate in. Further, a foreign government who wishes help in investigating an American citizen is required to go through the State Department and Department of Justice, not the FBI. If Australia brings charges up on Amber Heard, Australia has to issue an arrest warrant and go through the State Department. Only when those things happen can the FBI become involved, though that would be highly unlikely. It’s just not like Australia can pick up the phone and call the FBI and say “I want you to investigate these Americans for perjury.”

Finally, ‘Tug” doesn’t name his source for his information and even tells his listeners not to investigate this story themselves. Odd.

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  • News flash! Yes they do. They get involved if the crime happens against a US citizen outside the US that’s why you have FBI offices world wide, at least fact check yourself before posting misinformation.

    I ain’t for heard or depp but I cannot stand people spreading misinformation like you have.

    • No crime against a US citizen outside the US is being alleged. I’ve provided links to FBI materials that confirm our article. Perhaps you can provide one to counter it?

  • I mean there is literal video footage of an Australian official stating that they are investigating it after what came out during the UK trial…

    • And I linked to that. But if you’ll pay attention to this article’s title, and the text of the article, this isn’t what that’s about. This about whether the FBI is investigating. There is not single shred of evidence to support that claim, nor is it how the workings of the US’s intelligence agencies operate as clearly shown in the direct link to the FBI’s webpage.


      • “Has gone dark on Twitter” – FALSE. Why all the lying in a fact-check post? Kinda pathetic.

          • Unfounded claims, no evidence, just a bunch of statements based on word play. Is this FACT checking ??? Or propaganda

          • Robert – you want to change my mind? Give me a source – a name – for the FBI claim. Bet you can’t.

          • Lol. You cherry pick EVERYTHING and stuff it together in the hope that it works. ThatUmbrellaGuy isn’t going anywhere, in fact, he has more truths coming, more than your qween – which, to give you and her some credit, she’s probably never told the truth in her entire life. But that doesn’t change the fact that the truth is here and there’s more coming.

          • Ok Matt. Looking forward to see how you redefine the FBI’s role in foreign civil court litigation, LOL. Make sure you tell your viewers not to do their own research again.


    • Using a German tabloid as a source, that in turn got it’s information from the original unsourced claim. And, again, No mention of the FBI.

      Yes, false. Try to use your brain and see how stupid you feel.