Amber Heard Reportedly Getting Her Own ‘Mera’ Spinoff Movie

The Actress is Apparently Still Set to Be DC Comics Movies' Mera.

WeGotThisCovered is reporting tonight Warner Brothers is pursuing a spinoff movie that will “explore the further adventures of Atlantean princess Mera.” Amber Heard is set to star. The studio would prefer a female director and Jason Momoa and Willem Dafoe will cameo.

“News that Warner Bros. is considering this will be music to the ears of Aquaman fans, as Mera was generally considered one of the best parts of the movie,” writes David James. “But there’s a whole other fanbase that will be gnashing their teeth at the news.”

James is referring to the legion of Johnny Depp fans who continue to lash out at the actress because they believe she abused their favorite actor. Thus far, the studio appears to believe Amber Heard’s side of the story as she’s widely expected to reprise her role as Mera in the upcoming Aquaman sequel. If the rumors of a Mera spinoff are true, her status with Warner Brothers will be confirmed. And with several other high profile projects on the horizon, it appears other studios in Hollywood are in her corner as well.

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