Attorneys Question Veracity of Depp’s Death Threat Claim From Amber Heard’s Father

Depp is stoking the tabloids in a further effort to smear and abuse Ms. Heard.

Attorneys for Amber Heard have responded to the story that broke the past weekend regarding an alleged threat made by her father against Johnny Depp.

Documents obtained by The Blast last week claim David Heard, Amber Heard’s father, made “death threats” towards Johnny Depp in a phone call to him. However, according to a document filed last night, this information is unverified and may be inadmissible. In a lengthy letter to Judge Bruce White, who is presiding over Depp’s lawsuit against Ms. Heard in the Fairfax County Circuit Court of VA, Ben Rottenborn of the Woods Rogers Law Firm states this information has not actually been filed. But more importantly, Depp’s team never produced it to Team Heard during the discovery process, a major no-no in legal cases.

“(This) is particularly troubling given that we have been raising concerns for weeks about Mr. Depp’s ongoing failure to meet his discovery obligations.” Rottenborn says. “And the few depositions already taken to date have revealed that Mr. Depp’s lawyers have played a substantial role in drafting and editing other so-called witness declarations.”

This isn’t the first time legal representatives of Johnny Depp have employed delay tactics and questionable actions in court proceedings. Last March, Judge Terry Green in Los Angeles Superior Court dismissively suggested Depp might need a continuance and a ‘discovery referee’ after the fading actor failed to produce documents required in his case against Jacob Bloom and his firm.

Rumors persist that Depp knows his defamation suit against Heard will never go to trial and that he is stalling , not because he needs more time to prepare, but because he wants to run up her legal bills before he eventually drops his claim.

“We respectfully suggest that this conduct runs directly counter to the parties’ discussions with the court just last week,” Rottenborn states in his letter to Judge White. “We express our continuing hope that after last week, Mr. Depp and his lawyers will now focus on meeting their discovery obligations rather than stoking the tabloids in a further effort to smear and abuse Ms. Heard.”


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  • Depp can’t produce the documents he’s been ordered but can produce endless stories and unverified “declarations” that his team is editing from his PAID “witnesses” – to tabloids!