What’s Johnny Hiding? Depp Fails to Comply With Judge’s Orders, Amber Heard Files Motion of Continuance

Johnny Depp has apparently missed an important deadline in his legal case against Amber Heard. What's he hiding?

A petition to support Amber Heard can be signed here.

According to court documents obtained by The Geek Buzz, Johnny Depp has failed to comply with Fairfax County Chief Judge Bruce White’s ruling to turn over specific documents relating to his prior arrest records to the law team of Amber Heard.

Last month, the legal representation of Amber Heard scored a victory in court when the judge overseeing Johnny Depp’s defamation suit against her granted her legal team access to information involving Depp’s drug and alcohol use.

Heard has said in her filings that Johnny Depp abused drugs and alcohol during their relationship, and he would become extremely violent when he was drunk or high.

Depp’s legal team argued the information was irrelevant and had successfully argued his relationship with Heard and past substance abuse was not relevant in his unrelated assault case involving location manager Gregg “Rocky” Brooks. In that suit, Brooks has accused Depp of assaulting him as he attempted to enforce permit restrictions during production on Depp’s film City of Lies.

But Fairfax County Chief Judge Bruce White saw things differently, ruling in favor of Heard’s motion to force Depp to produce the documents and records, stating Heard’s legal team should have full access to them.

Specifically, Heard requested  “all DOCUMENTS and COMMUNICATIONS between Depp and any person employed by him or working on his behalf pertaining to the use of narcotics by him of Ms. Heard from 2013 to present” and “all DOCUMENTS and COMMUNICATIONS pertaining to any treatment for alcohol or drug use or abuse by him or Ms. HEARD from 2013 to present.”

The ruling also granted access to “DOCUMENTS and COMMUNICATIONS exchanged between Depp or anyone acting on his behalf and Dr. David Kipper that mention Ms. Heard or any of his other romantic partners. ”

The legal representation for Johnny Depp has apparently failed  to produce such documentation and today, a motion for continuance was filed on behalf of Amber Heard inJohnny Depp v. Amber Heard.

According to Heard’s attorney, Roberta Kaplan, “By failing to produce: (1) his medical records and other documents ordered by the Virginia court; (2) documents his own U.K. counsel produced in his related case for defamation against The London Sun; (3) relevant documents produced in his litigation with his former manager; (4) a single relevant text or other communication with anyone on his staff; or (5) any substantiation for the $50 million in damages he seeks from Ms. Heard, Mr. Depp has made it clear that his strategy is to try to run out the clock during the holiday season so that Ms. Heard is unable to obtain critical evidence and testimony to corroborate her defenses to the baseless defamation suit he filed against her. While Mr. Depp would like the trial to be a “he said/she said” contest of his own skills as an actor, Ms. Heard, who would prefer that the case be about the truth of what really happened, has asked the Court for a relatively brief two-month continuance to give her time to obtain the evidence that Mr. Depp has stubbornly resisted producing.”

Full Motion is here:


A petition to retain Amber Heard’s services as Queen Mera in the DC movie universe can be signed here.

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  • I believe him Johnny Depp. Fuck who wrote the article and anyone who defends the abuser Amber Heard. Outside DC you narcissistic piranha.

  • Thanks so much for writing this! The altruistic ones and human rights advocates should stay. Can she EVER LEAVE Johnny Depp (or Christopher or Steve) and his crowd?? WE LOVE AMBER HEARD!!

    I’m also happy that IO Tillett’s blog about calling 911 for Amber is back up (error removed?)

  • As someone who is a relative newcomer to this the legal wranglings and online flame wars regarding Ms. Heard and Mr. Depp, I must say the only better example of Johnny Depp’s cult of personality I can think of is that of Donald J. Trump.

    Being that the public’s access to actual physical evidence is scant, one only has the machinations of two savvy legal teams. One is led by Roberta Kaplan, who successfully argued before the Supreme Court of the United States on behalf of LGBT rights and has been a stalwart defender of women embroiled in cases of sexual intimidation and harassment against powerful men. The other is led by Adam Waldman, who’s only other clients of note were Julian Assange and Oleg Deripaska , a close political ally of Russian president Vladimir Putin and Trump lackey Paul Manafort.

    None of this inherently makes either side right or wrong but take a closer look at what the most ardent supporters of Johnny Depp have to reject and deny to be “right.”

    1. A dismissal of the myth of false allegations. Statistically, women make very very few false claims of domestic abuse.

    2. A rejection of the American Civil Liberties Union’s and The Virginia Press Association’s expert legal opinions.

    3. A decades-long record of Depp’s drug and alcohol-induced violence against others (vs. their false equivalence instance of Amber Heard’s class 4 misdemeanor.)

    What we get instead is this drumbeat that everyone is against Johnny Depp.

    This Trumpian-belief system, combined with the stink of incel frustration and machismo emanating from the bowels of 4chan alt-right groups, makes it clear the Depp defense is right wing in it’s nature.

    I remember being a kid and thinking my movie and singing idols were above reproach. Apparently those on the Depp side of things never moved beyond that.

    • A very intelligent comment. Depp worshippers are a cult like crew, who are extremely aggressive against outstanding people. The perception – as in many cults – is, that their innocent community is under attack.
      First it was only the “antichrist“ Amber Heard, who dared to out their god as a wife beater. Now, after everybody
      with an intact brain has finally realized that Depp is a horrible wife abuser, they are fighting basically every outsider.

  • After reading almost anything I could about this case, I‘m betting everything I have, that Depp is in fact a brutal wife beater, not the slightest doubt. It is crystal clear to me and others because the amount of evidence is so overwhelmingly on Amber‘s side. Depp has zero evidence and that is logical, because he did it.

  • The petition to SUPPORT Amber Heard has renewed vigor with over 2,800 signatures (plus over 1K in this February)… it’s 42 sponsors versus 4,000 of that hateful tabloid anti-petition… Also, AH fan groups on IG FINALLY just saw it…

    It is an anti-progress agenda via online distortion means. We help and defend Amber…

    We hope everyone here sees it! Support the *first* American actress named Human Rights Champion to the United Nations Human Rights Office…