In Court Petition, Johnny Depp is Accused of Making Hush Money Payments to Witnesses

A petition filed with the Los Angeles Superior Court seeks an order to compel Johnny Depp’s former business managers to comply with a previously-issued subpoena.

For months, it seems, the only news from Depp v. Heard were of the wranglings of Johnny Depp’s legal team. Now we’ve seen a flurry of aggressive activity in response from Amber Heard’s counsel, including a court petition last night to force former Depp business managers to to comply with a previously-issued subpoena.

The Management Group (TMG) served as Depp’s business managers from 1999 to 2016, , before the partnership dissolved and Depp filed a $25 million lawsuit accusing them of fraud. Though that suit was settled in 2018, it involved allegations that Depp forced an employee to falsely claim that text messages about Depp’s abuse of Ms. Heard were “manufactured.”

The subpoena on TMG was served August 16, 2019 and requested documents related to incidents of violence, payments on Mr. Depp’s behalf to conceal acts of violence, and payments to witnesses who observed Mr. Depp’s violence and/or helped cover it up. The petition comes on the heels of Mr. Depp recently being ordered By the Virginia court to turn over documents and other Information on these issues.

Referencing this move, Roberta Kaplan, counsel for Amber Heard, said, “TMG was Mr. Depp’s longstanding business manager from 1999 until they parted ways in 2016 amidst a bitter dispute. As a result, TMG is in possession of extensive records of his business dealings as well as his personal life. In fact, by its own account, TMG was aware that Mr. Depp abused Ms. Heard and pressured his employees to make false public statements denying that abuse. TMG also paid millions of dollars to various members of Mr. Depp’s staff, many of whom are witnesses in Mr. Depp’s lawsuit against Ms. Heard. Assuming the court in Virginia permits this case to proceed, trial is scheduled for early February. As a result, TMG needs to produce these documents now.”

As of this writing, representative for Johnny Depp have not responded.

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  • Where are these accusations coming from? Johnny Depp is a sweet, loving person who would do anything for you, and for these people to sit here and say Depp is a monster is crazy. I will defend Johnny Depp until I stop breathing

    • Courtnee, I feel for you. It’s never easy to learn your idols are fallible human beings just like the rest of us.

  • Hurrah for Geek the Dog, the hero! Remember when months ago it was pointed out that Adam Waldman defended that Russian oligarch accused of organized crime? lol I told “General Sands” of Million Mask March that he met with Jullian Assange before he went to jail. I totally think they deal with or defend crime, and if not crime, then exploitation which should be called crime.

    Anyways, can Amber Heard please stay with BETTER CROWDS? I am telling you, you’re on the right side. The people around her are awesome, and well-connected (in a good way). I hope Roberta Kaplan defends her right. She seems like such a better lawyer. The United Nations crowd is great, Richard Dawkins, ACLU, charities, organizations.

    Can anyone leave the darkness for the light? Really.