Isaac Baruch Melts Down as Johnny Depp Sleeps in His Defamation Suit Against Amber Heard

“I hope Amber's rotting corpse is decomposing in the fucking trunk of a Honda Civic" was a text from Depp to Baruch that was read out loud in court today.

Johnny Depp and much of the courtroom attendees laughed as the former Pirates of the Caribbean actor’s childhood friend took the stand in the actor’s trial for defamation against Amber Heard on Wednesday.

The court heard from Isaac Baruch, who grew up with Depp in Florida as a teenager and described him as his best friend. Jovial and instantly likable, Baruch suffered what can only be described as a meltdown further into his testimony. Baruch grew frustrated and angry after being grilled by Amber Heard’s lead attorney over what he remembered about Depp’s and Heard’s relationship during the years they shared adjourning penthouses.

“The phony pictures in the tabloids and the fake narrative and the way she’s trying to get a fraudulent domestic violence claim to extort and blackmail a man — yeah — that kinda got me frustrated, angry, confused, and upset,” he said through tears, repeating the conspiracy theories followers of Johnny Depp have been repeating for years.

Baruch claimed to remember the days after a 2014 incident where Johnny Depp allegedly attacked Ms. Heard. He testified that he knew Amber never wore makeup during that time, so it was doubtful she was covering up bruises and swelling. Yet he was ignorant of the purpose of such everyday cosmetics like foundation, powder, and concealer. He also could not recall what clothing or jewelry she wore.

But today’s bombshell came from a text Mr. Depp sent to Baruch that he reluctantly confirmed was from the actor: “I hope Amber’s rotting corpse is decomposing in the fucking trunk of a Honda Civic.”

In yesterday’s opening statement, Amber Heard’s attorney Ben Rottenborn said most of Mr. Depp’s witnesses were either on the actor’s payroll or were otherwise benefitting from him. Baruch is one such witness. He was an employee of Depp’s from the Viper Room days and received a severance package when the infamous club changed hands. Depp then became Baruch’s patron – funding his art gallery and providing him a penthouse apartment to live in. When Baruch got a herniated disk, Mr. Depp paid his medical bills.

Baruch estimates he’s been given $100,000 by Depp over the years and feels indebted to him, but not, he wants to make clear, enough to lie for him.

In other testimony, Brandon Patterson, General Manager of the building Depp owned multiple apartments in, confirmed with Team Depp that the grainy, blurry videos being shown in the courtroom were taken from his building. The testimony grew tedious, and Johnny was spotted allegedly dozing off through the presentation. Viewers were prepared to see the infamous video that reportedly shows Amber Heard pretending to punch her sister in an elevator as they laughed. Johnny Depp’s legal team failed to produce that video, and it apparently doesn’t exist.

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