Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Marriage Counselor: “I Saw Bruising on Her Face… She Hit Him BACK!”

Testimony shatters Johnny Depp's contention he was never violent towards Amber Heard.

If anyone was looking for confirmation that Amber Heard hit Johnny Depp, they saw it in todays testimony from Dr. Laurel Anderson, the clinical psychologist who served as marriage counselor for the embattled couple. However, she confirmed several times Ms. Heard was hitting Mr. Depp back, reacting to his aggression, before eventually becoming an aggressor herself.

“Always hitting him BACK was a point of pride (for Amber),” Dr. Anderson stated before explaining the Aquaman actress eventually became an aggressor in their conflicts. Though she didn’t mention the phenomena by name, she gave the perfect description of reactive abuse, a common defense mechanism with abuse victims.  Reactive abuse stems from the body’s natural stress response, also known as fight, flight, or freeze. So, in a situation where the body perceives danger, it is often an unconscious or natural response to either prepare yourself to flee, freeze in the moment, or fight back.

Dr. Anderson also confirmed she saw bruising on Ms. Heards face in at least two places.

In testimony that was at times scattered as the doctor sifted through notes, explained redactions, and drew from memory, she described a marital environment that Depp wasn’t accustomed to.  “He’d been controlled most of his life but was triggered by Ms. Heard.”

“Is it your testimony that while Mr. Depp said he was never violent with other partners there was violence from Mr. Depp towards Amber?” Attorney Ben Rothborn asked. Dr. Anderson replied “yes.”

According to Dr. Anderson, Johnny said Amber “gave as good as she got.”

This testimony shatters Depp’s contention that he was never violent towards Amber Heard.

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