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New Stargirl Trailer is Everything You’d Expect From a Teen-driven Superhero Show

One part 80s-style John Hughes teen movie, one part superhero adventure, Stargirl could easily be called Pretty in Blue.

Along with the challenges of being a teenager, Courtney Whitmore discovers her step-dad was once a superhero and she’s been chosen to fill his patriotic boots! Her stepfather, as any fan of DC comics can tell you, is Pat Dugan, formerly known as the Star-Spangled Kid, a sidekick to the superhero Starman.

In the comics, she was originally known as the second Star-Spangled Kid, but began using the name “Stargirl” after she was presented with the Cosmic Staff by Jack Knight.

Stargirl has appeared in Justice League Unlimited, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Justice League Action, and Young Justice. She has also appeared in live-action shows Smallville, played by Britt Irvin, and Legends of Tomorrow, played by Sarah Grey.  In the new DC Universe and CW Network show, Stargirl will be played by Brec Bassinger.

Check out the trailer below.

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