Source: Brandon Routh’s Exit From ‘Legends’ May Signal Limited Superman Series

A source has revealed on the condition of anonymity that Greg Berlanti and team are reconsidering Routh's exit from the Arrowverse in favor of some sort of continuation of his Kingdom Come Superman role.

News about the CW’s Crisis On Infinite Earths event is rolling in faster than the media can report it. On the heels of the news Justin Hartley has been signed to step back into the role of the Green Arrow comes this exciting news about Brandon Routh‘s Superman appearance.

When Deadline reported in August that Brandon Routh was leaving DC Legends of Tomorrow as a series regular, the show-runners gave the standard reason often heard in such circumstances: A creative decision to wrap up his story line. However, with the overwhelmingly positive fan reaction to the former Superman actor once again donning the red and blue tights for the CW’s annual crossover episodes, a source has revealed Greg Berlanti and team are reconsidering Routh’s exit from the Arrowverse in favor of some sort of continuation of his Kingdom Come Superman role, either a limited series to wrap up events or a full-on series.

“Of course we’re interested,” one source told TheGeekBuzz. “We’re waiting to see how our Crisis event is received. And, of course, Brandon’s availability.”

Being that Routh was genuinely grateful to Berlanti and crew for casting him in the role again, it’s hard to imagine he’d turn down an opportunity.

This rumor comes at a downtime for Superman in general. While Tyler Hoechlin has been serviceable in the role, he hasn’t solicited the excitement the top brass at the CW had hoped he would. And with Henry Cavill vacating the movie role, the short term future of the character remains in doubt.

As revealed last month, Routh’s Superman will be the same Superman he portrayed in Superman Returns which, in turn, was the same Man of Steel played by Christopher Reeve in the iconic films of the 70s and 80s.  With this Superman now firmly established as part of the Arrowverse, and fans happy for it, it makes sense to extend Routh and the character’s imprint.

And it shouldn’t go unnoticed that Hollywood trades reported both that his story line was being wrapped up and that he would no longer be a series regular, providing a bit wiggle room for producers to bring him back in another role. Superman.

Bear in mind that this is a rumor with only one involved source admitting the possibility has been considered. But with so many surprise casting announcements for Crisis already, this certainly sounds plausible.

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