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Which Ex of Johnny Depp is About to Accuse Him of Domestic Abuse?

Is one of Johnny Depp's exes about to accuse him of domestic abuse? An upcoming documentary might have the answer.

Despite strong innuendo to the contrary, Johnny Depp’s most ardent defenders have long clung to the belief Amber Heard is the only ex of the fading former A-lister ever to report abuse at his hands. This could all change as rumors are flying a former involvement might be ready to tell all about Depp’s violent outbursts in an upcoming documentary.

Last week, news outlets reported the tumultuous relationship between Depp and Heard will be the subject of three documentaries and that the producers are scrambling to scoop everyone with new pertinent information. One elusive game-changing nugget would be a third former girlfriend coming forward with her story. Passive followers of this Hollywood saga know Amber Heard has testified in court of abuse by Depp in a trial he lost. In the findings of that case, upheld by an appeals court, the judge ruled 12 of the 14 alleged incidents of domestic violence by Depp against Heard occurred.  Lost in the legal and social landscape of this 2020 libel trial was the testimony of Ellen Barkin who  claimed Depp once threw a wine bottle at her.

“… there was always an air of violence around him…there was just this world of violence…” the Fear and Loathing actress testified.

But Barkin likely isn’t the former involvement referenced in a tip to the Geekbuzz by a source familiar with the production of one of the upcoming documentaries. If true, the still unrevealed woman is either a star or a star witness of Mr. Depp who formerly denied or hasn’t spoken publicly about her experiences with the former Pirates of the Caribbean actor.

Other Victims of Depp Foreshadowed in 2019 Legal Hearing

During their October 19, 2019 hearing victorythis site and other news outlets reported Amber Heard’s legal team might have proof Johnny Depp abused other domestic partners.

“He says he is not a perpetrator of domestic violence. So we have requested documents relating to Mr. Depp’s commission of domestic violence against other romantic partners,’ her lawyer, Ben Rottenborn, said during the proceedings.

Depp’s team protested the request, claiming it to be irrelevant. Depp’s lawyer then claimed Heard was trying to “taint the jury” and harass the actor. In response, Judge Bruce White questioned why Depp would include past statements by Depp’s romantic partners — as well as the assertion that he has never abused Heard — in the lawsuit if they weren’t relevant to the case. In response, his lawyer argued:

There are many reasons why things are said in complaints. Truthful statements are made. But whether that is a relevant issue for the case to allow open-ended discovery on, is a wholly different matter, Your Honor. Mr. Depp understood that this case is going to be in the public press. And so it’s important for him to say that. But what’s at issue is whether he abused Ms. Heard as she falsely claims.

That statement began an interesting interaction between Depp’s lawyer, Robert Gilmore, and Judge White, who grew increasingly skeptical of Gilmore’s tactics:

Judge White: Say that again. That Mr. Depp put that in his complaint because he knew that this would be in the press and it was important for him to put it in the press?

Gilmore: Mr. Depp —

Judge White: That’s the motivation for that being in the complaint? That’s what you’re saying on the record?
After that apparent admission by Depp’s legal team that his prior denials may have been to protect his public image, the judge immediately sided with Heard and ordered Depp’s medical and arrest record made available. Though Team Depp fought their release, they’ve consistently said Depp has nothing to hide.

Why Haven’t We Heard More About This Since 2019?

Unlike Depp’s legal team, one of who’s been barred from the courtroom in Virginia and suspended from Twitter for unethical and potentially illegal behavior, Heard’s legal team has been notoriously tight-lipped. They’ve mostly adhered to Judge White’s admonition that he doesn’t want their Virginia defamation case tried in the press. Those that followed Depp’s loss in the UK case, and his defeat in the appeals process, know Team Heard’s relative silence between legal proceeding shouldn’t be taken to mean they have nothing to say.

All Johnny’s Women

In pondering which woman or women might be reconsidering their allegiance to the actor, followers of the case will immediately consider statements by actress Winona Ryder who has been fairly consistent in her support of Depp against claims of abuse by Heard. “He was never, never that way towards me,” she stated in an LA Times piece that sounded like a rehearsed answer. “Never abusive at all towards me. I only know him as a really good, loving, caring guy who is very, very protective of the people that he loves.”

Defenders of Depp conveniently ignore the entire quote that was more off the cuff: “I can only speak from my own experience… I wasn’t there. I don’t know what happened. I’m not calling anyone a liar.”  These linguistic gymnastics give the actress a little wiggle room in any future statements on the case, especially considering an earlier remark where she said her first boyfriend, when she was 18, used to “smash everything.”  (Winona was 17 when she began her four year relationship with Depp and has called him her first boyfriend.)

“Smash everything” might sound a little familiar to those who’ve taken a deeper dive in the case.  In 1994, Depp was arrested  when he destroyed a hotel room while fighting with then-girlfriend, 20 year old supermodel Kate Moss.  Though Depp testified in the 2020 UK case Moss slept through his rampage, reports at the time presented a somewhat different series of events.

After the incident, the LA Times reported Moss was with him, but doesn’t state she was sleeping.  CBS News reported other guests actually heard the two arguing and police found both Depp and Moss very much awake sitting among the debris.

“Johnny Depp and Kate Moss got into an epic fight at New York City’s Mark Hotel, where Moss accused Depp of cheating on her,” says Robin Cherry of the Robb Report. “Police were called, and they found a ‘possibly intoxicated’ Depp and a disheveled Moss in the middle of their ravaged guest room. Depp was arrested… [and] claimed the damage was done by an armadillo that popped out of the closet.”

The couple broke up in 1997, reportedly because of Depp’s “intense mood swings.” 

“Kate was often on a razor’s edge with Johnny,” says Maureen Callahan, author of Champagne Supernovas.  “She was afraid of his rages.”

Of course, intense mood swings, temper tantrums, and destruction of property doesn’t prove Depp ever physically assaulted Moss, but it does portend abusive behavior and, at the very least, suggests there may be more to the events than Moss or those around her have admitted to. Why else would Depp claims she was asleep when she clearly wasn’t?

Unpredictability, a bad temper, and destruction of property are just three signs someone may be an abuser. Others include demeaning the victim, either privately or publicly, and controlling behavior. The latter two fit our next actress’s experience with Johnny Depp perfectly: Jennifer Grey. What? You didn’t know Depp once put Baby in a corner? If eerily accurate internet site BlindGossip is to be believed, yes!

In a 2016 report, the internet gossip site posted this excerpt from someone with intimate details of a one-time love affair: [Actress] had her own bad experiences with him years ago. [Actor] was physically abusive towards her, too. She was definitely scared of him back then. We would tell her to report him, but she would always chicken out and blame it on the drugs or alcohol and then he would say how sorry he was and promise it wouldn’t happen again. Of course it always did.

She made us promise to keep it a secret. She didn’t want to be known for ruining his career (or her own career). We just followed her lead. Even now she is scared of what would happen to her if she said anything.

This is purported to be actress Jennifer Grey, who was the subject of another blind gossip item some time later in which it was revealed Johnny Depp allegedly shamed her into changing the part of herself that defined her looks in Hollywood:

He was volatile. He was controlling. He started picking on her. Maybe his own fame had gone too his head. Maybe it was the drugs. Maybe it was the alcohol. Maybe it was just him being his nasty self.

A lot of the nastiness was about her appearance. While our actress is adorable, she had a unique look. It was not the “classic” kind of Hollywood look that our actor thought she should have.

He told her that she should change her appearance. He even gave her the name of a plastic surgeon. He wore her down with his jibes and negativity. Our once confident and successful actress began to doubt herself. Was he right?

Why Believe a Blind Gossip Site??

I know, right? It sounds funny. But journalists know the history of blind gossip. Blind gossip, for those unfamiliar with the term, is a news story in which the details of a matter are reported while the identities of the often famous people involved are not revealed because, as Ringer wrote in their piece on the topic, “writing sensitive things about powerful people has always been a risky business, riddled with legal and ethical concerns.” Blind Gossip sites post stories daily, usually salacious, sometimes disturbing, that are often later revealed as true in more mainstream news outlets. Blind gossip sites are credited with breaking stories like Allison Mack‘s and Kristin Kreuk‘s involvement with cult leader Keith Raniere, and the sexual harassment cases of  Harvey WeinsteinKevin Spacey, and Matt Lauer.

After receiving multiple but unproven tips throughout the Spring and Summer of 2020 regarding Adam Waldman’s use of organized internet harassment and bots to taint the reputation of actress Amber Heard for the benefit of Depp (full disclosure: GeekBuzz was their first tip), BlindGossip.com finally ran with a blind item on August 6, though it was hardly “blind” anymore after the Times of London piece two weeks prior reported the same thing, only including actual names:

Just when you thought that the drama between these two famous actors could not get any more inflamed, we have another log to throw on the fire! While the now-divorced couple is involved in in an ugly and public battle, there is actually even more drama going on behind the scenes. Actress and her lawyers have been investigating the origins of several specific online attacks and petitions against her. It seems that they may not have been the organic work of rabid fans of her movie star ex-husband. There may have actually been a professional, coordinated and deliberate campaign to prevent her from securing work and earning a living. If that is the case, who would have coordinated and paid for such a campaign? They suspect that it may have been The Actor and/or one of his attorneys!

In Our Estimation, if a Women is Coming Forward Against Johnny Depp, it’s Either Winona Ryder, Kate Moss, or Jennifer Grey

Kate Moss being the least likely, both Winona and Jennifer have had a career resurgence in the last several years. And with Depp losing his UK case and appeal badly, the time might seem right for one of them to expose Depp. We’ll see when all three upcoming documentaries air between now and next year’s stateside rematch between Champion Amber Heard and defeated contender Johnny Depp.

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