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Crisis on Earth X: TV’s Justice League Rocks Prime Time

Perhaps the best Justice League movie aired on the CW network this week.

Perhaps the best Justice League movie aired on the CW network this week.

Oozing with DC comics easter eggs, superhero badassery, and a Nazi invasion from a parallel world (Nazis! I hate those guys!), Crisis on Earth X was the annual crossover event featuring the characters from what’s known as the Arrowverse. There’s no Superman, Batman, or Wonder Woman, but we’re treated to an amazing ensemble of capes, nontheless.

What brings our favorite heroes/characters together is the wedding of Iris West and Barry Allen that’s viciously interrupted  by Nazi doppelgangers from Earth X, an alternate earth on which Germany won World War II. The agenda? The evil Supergirl, know in her dimension as Overgirl, needs a heart transplant and only one will do: Kara’s, AKA, Supergirl! From this wedding crash, everyone teams up to fight off the unwanted guests from Earth X so they can save their current Earth from being taken over. This is the fourth crossover the CW has done with these shows. Each crossover since The Flash/Arrow one three years has improved upon each other. Considering the response from across Geekdom, this one easilly the best. Some have said it plays better than Warner Brothers’ big budget Justice League movie.

Throughout the crossover you get great pairings of characters you may not have thought of before, but make total sense when you see it onscreen. Also, there is the return of Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flashwhere Tom Cavanaghreprises the role from season one of The Flash and it was such a joy to see Cavanagh get into that character again. Along with Thawne, Evil Kara (Overgirl) and Earth X Oliver are the main villains of this crossover, but at times Earth X Oliver was just Oliver from the first season of Arrow. However, watching all these characters from all the shows come together and interact and fight against and evil menace was spectacular. Each episode of the crossover has one great action set piece toward the end of the episode which is just fantastic as you’re able to watch your favorite characters from the different shows kicking ass together.

Overall, Crisis on Earth X is a smash hit. This crossover blends all the shows, characters, and even themes from each of the different heroes together in a cohesive storyline that works. At no point did it feel like it was a specific episode of one of the four series, it felt like a superhero team up movie made for TV. There are some nitpicks here and there, but it didn’t detract me from how much fun I had watching Crisis on Earth X something that I’ll be more than likely re-watching down the road. I salute the writers and directors for pulling this grand and epic crossover off so well.


  • 9/10
    Crisis on Earth X - 9/10


Perhaps the best Justice League movie aired on the CW network this week.

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