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Playing With Fire is a Tease and Sleaze Thriller

In this throwback to B-movie erotic thrillers of  the 1980s, beautiful rich kids get their kicks from the sexual conquests of ‘peasants.’ The guys are pretty and the women absolutely wicked in this overlooked flick that relies more on erotic innuendo than graphic depictions. Daphne Hendron (Kelly Albanese) hates sharing her late daddy’s oil fortune with her equally spoiled stepmother, washed-up ’80s TV star Sandra Newell (Susan Anton), even though live in a beautiful tudor mansion that comes complete with practically nude gorgeous house boys who cater to their every need. At night, Daphne is a thrill seeker with a smoking body, a party hard attitude and a clique of like-minded friends. They have their fun by playing sexual games and making bets on who will bed who first. But when Daphne finally meets medical student and hottie Nick Benedict she decides to reform her bad girl ways. Or does she?

What makes it hot: We do like seeing the rich kids play, don’t we?

Memorable scene: The tension when one of Daphne’s boy toys realizes his girlfriend is also having a fling with Daphne.

Memorable line: “Yes, I don’t even do it professionally anymore… I just have sex for the hell of it.”

Does she get away with it? Depends on which “she” you’re referring to.

Our Review
  • 7.2/10
    Playing With Fire - 7.2/10


Trashy in a soap opera way, Playing With Fire is worth a look if you stumble across it on cable or a streaming service.

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