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Young Lady Chatterley: New Money and a Sexy Gardener Turn a Good Girl Bad

If you were bored to tears by D.H. Lawrence’s erotic literary classic Lady Chatterley’s Lover and the 1981 film adaptation, you owe it to yourself to see Young Lady Chatterley. A staple of late-night premium cable channels in the early 80s, Young Lady Chatterley is the tale of the original Lady Chatterley’s American niece, Cynthia, who inherits her aunt’s fortune and English estate. Inspired by the lusty tales her aunt left in a hidden diary, Cynthia sets out on her own erotic affairs with the gardener and several other warm bodies before her none-the-wiser fiance arrives.

What makes it hot: The acting and storyline is very good by softcore standards. Leading lady Harley McBride is believable as a ‘good girl’ discovering her sexuality and she isn’t a product of plastic surgeons!

Memorable scene: Just for fun (and to offend her prudish limo driver), Cynthia picks up a hitchhiker and has a very hot backseat hook up with him as the driver looks on through the rear view mirror.

Memorable line: “But I like gladiolus!”

Does she get away with it? Yes, Cynthia lives happily ever after in sexual bliss with both the gardener and her husband.


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A staple of late night cable in the 1980s, Young Lady Chatterley is beautifully filmed, truly sexy, and features a strong female lead.

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