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We All Have a Soundtrack to Our Lives

At it’s core Soundtrack, a new series on Netflix, is the tale of broken people finding their way to each other. In their respective journeys we see their failures and triumphs, loves and losses, and they’re all laid out for us via music videos. Yes, that’s right. Music videos of songs you know and might identify with. You’ve never seen anything like this before, yet you have. Every time you’ve lip synced a love sing in front of a mirror after winning that special person’s heart, or after the devastating heartbreak that often followed, you’ve lived this show’s premise. Admittedly, the shtick does’t always work, but when it does it rises above most other Rom-Com offerings on TV or in theaters.

Ignore the critics. Soundtrack is entertaining and immediately addicting.

Long story short, Nellie (Callie Hernandez), Sam (Paul James), and Joanna (Jenna Dewan) are three people struggling to find the loves of their lives and, more importantly, hang on to them. They cope with life’s turmoils by breaking out into elaborately produced music videos. Of course, these impromptu performances aren’t actually happening, they’re all in the minds of the characters. And that’s where the charm is. The show is being knocked by some because the stars are lip syncing pop songs we’ve all likely heard hundreds of times and not actually performing new songs, but how many of us imagine ourselves singing original material? Throughout the many phases of our lives we have a soundtrack, songs that have special meaning for one reason or another.

Produced by Smash season-two showrunner and Gossip Girl writer Joshua Safran, Soundtrack features “a disparate group of interconnected people in contemporary Los Angeles through the lens of the music that defines who they are.”

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