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Amber Heard Continues Winning. Geek Fansite Ties Itself in a Knot Trying to Explain It

'We Got This Covered' and similar sites are directly responsible for raising the level of toxicity in geek fandom.

With multiple outlets now reporting Amber Heard will, indeed, retain her starring role in Aquaman II, Depp testicle-coddler We Got This Covered declared today WB can’t fire Amber Heard from Aquaman 2 due to her contract… or something. The explanation is a bit convoluted but essentially the writer states the studio simply can’t break her contract without criminal charges being filed against her. The writer gives no indication of just how Heard could possibly be charged with anything criminal. It might come from the now-ironic unfounded rumor they pushed last summer that Heard could be facing jail time for “manipulating evidence” against Johnny Depp. I call this ironic because it’s actually Depp’s attorney who has been dismissed from the upcoming court case in Virginia for leaking protected and altered evidence.  We Got This Covered didn’t actually cover that, by the way. But WGTC’s revelation that WB can’t fire Ms. Heard comes after months of claiming she would be, or was already, fired.

This latest angle that Ms. Heard’s job is only safe because of some tangled web of legalities in different countries may be DeppLand’s newest talking point, but I suspect that’s a bit too complicated for a group not known for their understanding of the US and UK legal systems. I mean, it’s too long to fit on a bumper sticker or make for an effective hashtag. For now, they’ll likely stick to their disgusting take that Amber Heard slept with the judge or the misnomer “double standard” line that assumes the only reason Heard has not been fired from her role in Aquaman II but Depp was from the Fantastic Beasts franchise is because she’s a woman. Right. Losing his libel case had nada to do with it.</sarcasm>

True to their name though they’ve covered, or pimped, the petition to have Heard removed from Aquaman II no less than 15 times in the last year or so.  The petition has been part of an astroturf social media campaign to discredit Amber Heard and was named in a study conducted by cybersecurity firm Bot Sentinal as having numerous fake signatures (We Got This Covered didn’t cover that, either!)   And yes, we know a big ol’ bunch of those signatures were bot-driven and bot-signed. How do we know? I’ll use a line WGTC uses over and over and over again: “the same sources who told us Depp attorney Adam Waldman had been kicked to the curb by the Virginia judge and Supergirl and Batwoman had been renewed by the CW while other sites predicted their cancelations… told us.

If this constant passing of the blame for Depp’s sad turn of events sounds familiar, it’s because you’re seeing the same alternate-fact driven mentality played out on the 24-hour news cycle as Donald Trump supporters desperately seek any angle to prove their hero hasn’t lost. And like Donald Trump and his party has done to the American electorate, sites like We Got This Covered are responsible for raising the level of toxicity in fandom. Yeah, I know it’s all about getting clicks on those ads but at some point, you’ve got to come clean on what your agendas actually are.

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J is a former rock star, former DJ, comic book & political historian, and novelist who once read the ingredients on a chewing gum wrapper and unlocked the secrets of the universe.


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  • Thank you for covering this messy, messy saga and making it clear that Johnny Depp (and Donald Trump too!) are the sad losers here. It’s their own fault and the fact they and their fans – who are honestly just sad people waiting for a ‘reason’ to harass and hurt a woman – refuse to admit this is pathetic.

    I’m glad you’re clapping back at them for continuing to spout disinformation to try and continue abusing a woman in public AND bringing out the recipets with links and actually proven data. Keep up the good work, Joey! Stay safe!

    • We’re making the world safer and more equal!

      Judge Nicol validated 12 assaults against Amber Heard. One of the witnesses was like a ‘patron’ getting 100,000 from her ex. I tried finding that document I found online, and it was closed on wordpress.

      So happy that the Warner Bros executives are old enough to remember the world before social media – and refusing to comply to its paid off, discriminatory actions of not stopping people’s exploitation online.

  • Amber Heard will keep legally winning because anyone who meets her in-person to see how she’s like under normal, not stressful conditions and then seeing the fear in her voice on those tapes can see the difference – moreover, the FACTS (I Believe in Science) says she won the UK case in the UK.

    Judge Nicol validated 12 assaults against her. One of the witnesses was like a ‘patron’ getting 100,000 from her ex. I tried finding that document I found online, and it was closed on wordpress.

    So happy that the Warner Bros executives are old enough to remember the world before social media – and refusing to comply to its paid off, discriminatory actions of not stopping people’s exploitation online.

    Our petition”We Support Amber Heard in Aquaman 2, Her Life, and Public Safety to Save Lives” is repeatedly Hidden in Search even though Change manually restored it to search after review… webscraping and machine learning is exploiting algorithms…

    You’re great Joey to keep supporting Amber Heard! The Geek Buzz is on the right side of history…

  • These are the cold hard facts of all this

    This should be good.



    Johnny wins or loses the appeal or VA, he’ll still have multi millions of supporters and people who adore him, his work and his unique talent.

    Can’t help but notice this is similar to what ‘multi millions’ of supporters and people who adore Donald Trump are saying right now.

    This is because the public isn’t stupid. They know the truth…

    The first sign you’re in a cult is everyone else is lying

    …. have researched the evidence…

    Wait! Is this one of those conspiracy theory ‘do your research, OPEN YOUR EYES MAN! – kind of rants?

    … so Johnny will always be believed because he’s told the truth.

    True-believer syndrome is an informal or rhetorical term used by M. Lamar Keene in his 1976 book The Psychic Mafia. Keene used the term to refer to people who continued to believe in something even after it had been proven to have been staged.

    As for Johnny’s future, Johnny’s net worth is hundreds of millions of dollars and he could live the same lifestyle 10 times over if he wanted. If he wants to continue acting there’s no stopping him. But lets not forget he’s also a writer and producer, so he may work behind the scenes until he decides to retire. Who knows?

    What causes celebrity worship syndrome? The people that demonstrate this form of behavior are likely to suffer from a mental disorder, commonly either schizophrenia or paranoia. Individuals that are love obsessional stalkers often convince themselves that they are in fact in a relationship with the subject of their obsession. ~ GeekBuzz

    • If you’re so proud of him and adore him so much, you shouldn’t be ashamed to attach your name to these sort of silly comments.

      I’m Betty Brown and I believe in Amber Heard! Is she the ‘perfect’ abuse victim? No, there’s no such thing as a ‘perfect’ victim. Not only that but no one deserves the amount of vitriol and attacks she’s had to endure the last several years.

      If you really want to support the actor, convince other fans to stand down from their constant dogpiling and stop assaulting people online for daring to leave comments or likes on her posts. It’s gotten silly and everyone agrees it makes him look toxic and difficult to work with.