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DC Comics Television’s Greatest Hits!

DC Comics TV shows have treated us to some amazing musical performances. Here is the Geek Buzz's definitive Top Ten Countdown of DC's greatest hits!

What do superheroes do when they’re not fighting criminal masterminds and saving the world? Apparently they do what many of us do: hang out in karaoke bars or break out into song and dance at any given time! By employing both people’s love for musicals and singing karaoke, The CW and DC Streaming shows have earned praise from fans for revealing the vocal prowess of several of their stars.

Check out our definitive countdown of DC’s greatest hits!

10. SUPERGIRL, SEASON 3, EPISODE 14, “SCHOTT THROUGH THE HEART:  Cast members get an opportunity to show off their pipes via a night out at a karaoke bar! The results are… mixed.

9. THE FLASH, SEASON 1, EPISODE 12, CRAZY FOR YOU: Barry Allen is lured to the karaoke stage by a slightly inebriated Caitlin Snow for a comical take on the Grease hit Summer Nights.

8. LEGENDS OF TOMORROW, SEASON 3, EPISODE 12, THE CURSE OF THE EARTH TOTEM: Wally West and Rip Hunter do their best WHAM imitation by taking on the classic 80s hit Careless Whisper!

7. SUPERGIRL, SEASON 3, EPISODE 8, CRISIS ON EARTH X: PART 1: Melissa Benoist, who was a cast member of Glee at one time, puts her true singing voice on display in this beautiful rendition of Runnin’ Home to You at the wedding of Barry Allen and Iris West.

6.  THE FLASH, SEASON 3, EPISODE 17, DUET: Grant Gustin who, like Benoist, also appeared on the musical show Glee, took his turn at the beautiful Runnin’ Back to Your during his marriage proposal to Iris West.

5.  THE FLASH, SEASON 3, EPISODE 17, DUET: Melissa Benoist steps to mic again as Kara Danvers/Supergirl singing the classic Moon River from the Aubrey Hepburn film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The original won an Academy Award and two Grammy Awards.

4.  THE FLASH, SEASON 3, EPISODE 17, DUET: A third Glee alum, Darrin Criss as the Music Meister, joins Jeremy Jordan (Winn Schott/Toyman), Carlos Valdes (Cisco), and John Barrowman (Malcolm Merlyn/Dark Archer) for an awesome rendition of Put a Little Love in Your Heart.

3.  LEGENDS OF TOMORROW, SEASON 5, EPISODE 2, MISS ME, KISS ME, LOVE ME: Jes Macallan as Ava treats us to a sultry rendition of Bell Biv Devoe’s 90s New Jack Swing classic Poison. Never trust a big butt and a smile!

2.  TITANS, SEASON 2, EPISODE 9, ATONEMENT: What is it about Motown classics that just move people? Here Hank/Hawk and Dawn/Dove take the stage for a duet of Ain’t No Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. It’s a very cute scene and the actors pull it off quite well (plus, I have a crush on Minka Kelly!)

1.  DOOM PATROL, SEASON 1, EPISODE 8, DANNY PATROL: Set on a teleporting, sentient, gender-queer street populated by outcasts and misfits, the episode of Doom Patrol treats us to a karaoke drag cabaret show featuring Negative Man (Matt Bomer) and Maura Lee Karupt (Alan Mingo Jr), a drag queen performing the Kelly Clarkson hit People Like Us. I must have watched this clip 100 times!


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