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Fans of Amber Heard Strike Back With Renewed Vigor, Petition of Their Own

Amber Heard petition
Petition Launched in Response to an Anti-Amber Heard One Has Leaped to Over 1,000 Signatures in 24 Hours.

Support Amber Heard here.

Fandom sites, some known for their right wing-leaning coverage of film and TV, have breathed new life into a petition launched last March by disgruntled Johnny Depp stans who are appalled his past violence and drug use are now front and center. They’re lashing out at Amber Heard for for an editorial on domestic abuse she wrote that they believe got Depp fired from the Pirates of the Caribbean film series. But now fans of Heard are resurrecting their own petition launched a month after the former and it’s seen close to 1,500 signatures in the last 24 hours.

“Amber Heard is a positive influence and, importantly, fought back against an abusive man and abusive system, ” remarked Stephanie Vega, a fan who signed the petition.

Kerry Horwitz agrees. “I cannot sit back and do nothing when this woman is being vilified by Johnny Depp and movie people who fear losing money. The video shows his violence clearly. I have been subjected to nasty attacks on Twitter for my attempts to defend her. She needs our support.”

Ms. Heard, who appeared as Queen Mera in Justice League and Aquaman, has a history of upsetting the apple cart.  She started volunteering for charitable, social, and women’s cause at the age 12 and spent mornings during her early teens at an Austin Soup Kitchen. At age 16, she took a stand against her school prom denying a same-sex couple entry by appealing to the American Civil Liberties Union.

She’s worked with the Art of Elysium since its inception, a charity that brings the arts into the lives of seriously ill children and has traveled on Amnesty International research missions to the Mexico border, and brought awareness to Syrian refugees living in camps in Jordan.

A volunteer for children’s hospitals in LA for over a decade, she donated her $7 million divorce settlement to various causes, including the LA Children’s Hospital.

“We’re not likely to get the attention the anti-Heard petition is getting, and that’s ok,” one fan said. “We just want to draw attention to the lengths some will go to suppress women like Heard, including attack tactics some have compared to Donald Trump’s truther troll army.”

If you’re interested in signing the petition to show your support for this amazing woman,  click here.

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  • Thank you Geek the Dog and Annabelle! You make my day with this petition getting over 1,000 signatures in less than 24 hours! Because of reading about Amber Heard back in March and April, I reported an abuser also. He’s still harassing me. Motivator Network is against crime and supports victims. We have to create our own alternatives because no one else will! We love Amber Heard! She’s doing great work for the United Nations and Human Rights. She also does need our help!