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In Memoriam: Judge Tires of Comrade Waldman, Gives Him The Boot

Johnny Depp Lawyer Dismissed From Case for Unethical Behavior.

If you’ve been following the Johnny Depp / Amber Heard saga, you’re well aware of how many twists and turns there have been over the last two years. And the reason you’re aware is that tabloids always seem to get a one-sided look at ‘evidence’ being submitted in the proceedings. Consequently, on several occasions, the judge presiding over the Virginia lawsuit between the divorced actors  has made it clear  he doesn’t want their defamation case tried in the press. Now, according to Courthouse News, Judge Bruce White has thrown Depp’s attorney Adam Waldman off the case after learning the lawyer had given the press confidential information covered under a protective order.

Waldman, a former lobbyist for Russian oligarch and Kremlin insider Oleg Deripaska,  was admitted pro hac vice — for this case only — to Fairfax County Circuit Court in September 2019. That same month, Court House News reports, Judge White signed a protective order governing the treatment of Depp and Heard’s personal information like medical records, including psychological conditions, diagnoses or treatment.

Heard moved for sanctions against the Washington attorney last month, contending that the press leaks happened “on at least two occasions.”

She said Waldman was responsible for disseminating audio recordings, surveillance pictures and declarations from third-party witnesses to websites and Twitter users, “leading readers and potential jurors to believe that these declarations are somehow official case documents, which they are not.” Souces say part of that cache of leaked material was the infamous edited/manipulated audio recording between Amber Heard and Depp. The unedited audio is 2 hours in length and was selectively cut down to 46 minutes before the public heard it through various sources.

In a court appearance today, Heard’s lawyers accused Waldman of spreading false rumors about their client and White, who is chief judge of the 19th Circuit, agreed and moved to revoke Waldman’s pro hac vice status, agreeing Waldman had violated ethical standards.

Waldman did not return a request for comment.

In July, Team Heard accused Waldman of using troll bots in an attempt to influence opinion on social media after Times of London reported Bot Sentinel, a group that uses artificial intelligence to detect and track troll bots & suspect Twitter accounts, found the actress “had been a victim of an ongoing targeted harassment and smear campaign”.

The concluding report claims to have identified active inauthentic accounts created specifically to target the Twitter account of Ms Heard and to push traffic to two anti-Amber Heard petitions asking she be fired from two high profile projects.

Amber Heard is currently doing reshoots for Zack Snyder’s director’s cut of Justice League and will be on set next year when Aquaman II begins filming.



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    • But he won’t… not until Waldman bleeds him dry and he loses both lawsuits. Then Depp will file yet ONE MORE suit in his neverending legal morass.

  • The audio was edited with clear cuts removing parts that helped Amber’s case…

    See this new article supporting Amber Heard’s Life and Public Safety Systems!!

    “Amber Heard’s Story of Cyber Abuse Inspires Change to Public Safety to Save Lives”

    There are double standards of no mercy towards Amber, who wanted positive change and to do humanitarian work.

    What people don’t know is that Amber data-collected the abuse against her with technology before 911 systems could collect real-time data from applications. 911 cannot even locate data to know where a caller is or use text information.

    She’s Mera in Aquaman, a Human Rights Champion for the United Nations, humanitarian, and Women’s Rights Ambassador to the ACLU!

    We need to tell people to help others and that leadership based on creating positive social impact which can inspire others is wanted – not retaliated against. We’re inspired to continue to work on changes to public safety. We need to open our eyes to the problems of and solutions to our culture.

    The problem, Rossow says, is that our own regulators don’t want to believe this is a real problem. “Forty-eight states have some form of electronic harassment law, but the criminal provisions aren’t strong enough to do anything, other than slap on the wrist. This needs to change.”

    We should embrace leaders and inspiring people such as Heard, Pellegrino, and Rossow. More people should be supporting Amber and letting her be heard.

    We need to do more to improve and save lives.

    • I’ve heard the two-hour audio. It doesn’t help clear Amber’s name at all. She still punched him. She still threw pots and pans. She was still abusive.

      • Au contraire Ms. Anonymous. The entire recording paints a picture of Ms. Heard defending herself. If you hit me first, punching you out and throwing pots and pans isn’t abuse. It’s self-defense. Honestly, if there was nothing to be hidden in in the 2 hour+ recording illegally released by Depp’s disgraced lawyer Adam Waldman, why do to the trouble selectively editing it?