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Johnny Depp Titles Removed From Netflix

Netflix no longer has any Johnny Depp films streaming in their American library. Coincidence or reaction to his legal loss?

Though there has been no official statement from Netflix, the streaming giant has apparently removed all Johnny Depp titles from its American library. This news comes on the heels of actor Shia LaBeouf being removed from Netflix’s award consideration website and publicity materials following recent allegations of physical, emotional, and mental abuse. As of this writing, several titles with LaBeouf were still on Netflix. Likewise, Depp titles can still be accessed on Netflix outside the United States.

Depp lost a high-profile libel case in the UK last month against the Sun who called the fading former A-lister a wifebeater. In his decision, Judge Nicol said, “taking all evidence together, I accept [Amber Heard] was the victim of sustained and multiple assaults by Depp. I accept her evidence of the nature of the assaults he committed against her. They must have been terrifying.”

This may have been a delayed reaction to the results of that trial, timed to correspond with their actions on LaBeouf, or it may just be part of Netflix’s standard cycling of titles in and out of their library.

The former Captain Jack Sparrow was also featured in a scathing article by The Hollywood Reporter earlier this month in which several Hollywood insiders portrayed him as toxic.

According to, Netflix had 195.15 million paid subscribers worldwide as of the third quarter of 2020. Most Netflix subscribers are based in the United States, with the U.S. accounting for over 73 million of Netflix’s total global subscriber base.  They’re not likely to be intimidated by threats of boycotts from fans of Johnny Depp. Disney + still has several available to stream, but they’re under a boycott by Depp fans already.

UPDATE: What’s On Netflix, a Netflix fansite, says the removal of Depp titles is as we mentioned above: “part of Netflix’s standard cycling of titles in and out of their library.” It also states this rumor began with Johnny Depp fans.

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  • Seeing Netflix owned STARZ, and there are still Depp movies on there, I’d say it’s not a personal all agents Depp thing. Simple cross reference, or should I be like social media and……

    Seeing that Netflix doesn’t now nor has ever owned STARZ, your reply is moot. oh. LmFao!!!!! ~ editor

  • I’m prone to believe it has more to do with his titles being cycled out than a reaction to his legal woes. But you’d think Netflix would have made some sort of statement by now. The longer this festers the worse it is for all involved.

  • Cool – while Americans are dealing with leftist social justice Black Lives Matter me too political correctness horse sh, rest of the world enjoys Hollywood classics like Hone with the wind, Uncle Tom’s hut, Ben-fur…

    I’m approving your comment for the comedic entertainment value. ~ Editor

  • You forgot to mention Judge Nicol would not hear any evidence or witnesses on Depp’s behalf.

    I didn’t mention it because it isn’t true. Depp’s attorneys called multiple witnesses who testified on Depp’s behalf. ~ Editor

    Judge Nicol’s 2 son’s work for Rupert Murdoch & TalkRadio UK. Talk Radio UK employs Dan Wootton, who wrote the article Johnny Depp sued over for libel. So there’s that, an abuser is an abuser male or female.

    The UK laws against bias are incredibly strict. There’s no need to show *actual* bias either, a mere *appearance* of bias will suffice it it exists. It would be a solid ground of appeal if there was anything in it. And yet Johnny Depp’s lawyers are not relying on this argument because it’snot true. The internet is full of so-called “connections” between the judge and the Defendants. And yet Depp’s lawyers are making *no allegations of bias*. None. These are conspiracy theories spread by Derpheads. You’re no longer in the Depp Zone and Depp twitter bubble here, Erick. ~ Editor

  • You think professional people would engage in “call-out” culture like petty teens?

    That’s the behavior I see from Johnny Depp fans daily… Unless your contention is they aren’t professional people? ~ Editor

    No, they will do things in a manner that works within the setting. The appeal shows step-by-step of Nicol’s bias behavior: making assumptions, rewording statements, not questioning witnesses, filling things in for Amber and NGN, and disregarding audios, police, nurse, and hotel staff accounts in favor of “Amber’s Word”.

    Hmmm. No. Johnny Depp’s lawyers are not relying on any argument of bias. Your argument is runs along the same lines of Donald Trump’s and those of his minions. The media was biased, the state election boards were biased, the electors were biased, on and on. If ONLY they’d all look at the ‘real’ evidence. It all gets pretty tedious. ~ Editor.

    Point blank the judge ignored evidence that contradicted many of Amber and team’s statements.

    The judge considered all evidence submitted in court. Point blank. ~ Editor.

    • Sir Andrew Nicol did not take into account all Depp’s evidence, facts. Plus all the crap I have been reading on the internet. You all seem to be forgetting, someone does not suddenly become a wife beater. After all, Depp has spent his life giving. Amber Heard a manipulator, I just watch her and I see TROUBLE written all over her. I was not a Depp fan, but one thing is for sure. I am now a supporter because I think he has been set up. Perhaps you should lose someone very close to you (his Mother) without any support from your so called wife. Not forgetting Dan Wootton what a dubious character I find him to be, I would deport him back to New Zealand if I was Prime Minister.