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Legal Filings Reveal Johnny Depp Pal, Struggling Actor Greg Ellis Stiffed His Divorce Attorney
The Manosphere Hero Recently Accused Actress Amber Heard of Doing the Same

Johnny Depp pal and struggling actor Greg Ellis, who is now eking out a living in the manosphere by pushing shadowy conspiracy theories about Amber Heard and the legal treatment of men in domestic disputes, publicly condemned the Aquaman II actress recently for allegedly not paying legal fees to her first attorney Eric George. But new information shows it was, in fact, Ellis who skipped out on paying his attorney four years ago!

Legal filings obtained exclusively by The Geekbuzz reveal on Jan 22, 2018, his divorce attorney Rebecca Lizarraga sued Ellis, aka Jonathan Rees, for non-payment of close to $29,000. Lizarraga’s lawsuit also shows Ellis was unwilling to participate in mandatory arbitration with her, per their contract.

In an ironic turn, though, a distraught Ms. Lizarraga attempted suicide mere days before the case went to trial. After winning Aramazd Andressian custody of his son in a contentious divorce similar to Ellis’, he murdered the boy. Understandably, Lazarraga did not appear for trial, nor did Ellis.  Daunting to think the Pirates co-star seized on his former divorce lawyer’s misfortune to dodge the debt.

Consequently, the case was dismissed.




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