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Have the People Spoken? Justice League Strikes Back With B+ Cinescore Rating

Movie fans defy Rotten Tomatoes critics, grade Justice League B+, according to Cinescore.

While Justice League‘s Rotten Tomatoes score is disappointing to DC fans, the movie’s CinemaScore is quite a bit more heroic.

The DCEU film gets a B+ overall from fans in its opening weekend. It’s earned a B+ from males, who made up 58% of the audience. More surprising, women have given it an A- with 42% of the audience. 31% of the audience was under the age of 25, with their scores averaging out to an A-, and it earned a B+ with the 25-and-up crowd who made up 69% of the audience polled.

Geek The Dog rates the film a 9.5. Our Geekometer™, an aggregate of fan sites, have given it a solid C+.

More on Cinescore here.

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