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Petition for Release of Zack Snyder’s ‘Justice League’ Director’s Cut

Justice League
DC fans have launched a petition, asking Warner Brothers to restore Zack Snyder's original vision for Justice League.

Although Justice League has gotten fine reviews from fans and Geekdom, it definitely isn’t a favorite of the ostentatious latte sipping critic class. Because hardcore DC movie fans believe the film would have been attacked by mainstream reviewers regardless of it’s form, some have launched a petition asking Warner Bros. to restore director Zack Snyder’s original “Justice League” cut, together with Tom Holkenborg’s (Junkie XL) score on home release.

As of this writing, the petition has collected almost 20,000 signatures.

“All in all, the score is generic, out of place, too whimsical and a rehash of many other scores,” says DC Movie fan Roberto Mata, who created the petition, condemning changes that were made to the film’s score and run-time following Snyder’s exit in May when his daughter died. Joss Whedon stepped in to finish the film, and composer Holkenborg was replaced with Danny Elfman.

The movie’s runtime also concerned him.

“How will a film with 6 main characters, their supporting players, a story that revolves around an alien invasion, the terraforming of earth and the return of a familiar face, fit in a 2hr runtime?”

Coming in at over 2,400 words, the petition’s mission statement can be read here.

I tend to agree with Mata’s mission. While Snyder’s style isn’t for everyone, I believe it takes the superhero genre to another, more cerebral level. The cut we got was fun, action packed, and has mass appeal, but lacks the social and political undertones Snyder is known for.

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