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Rotten Tomatoes: Audiences Love Justice League, Critics Don’t

Justice League
Why the disparity between critical drubbing and box-office bonanza? Fans.

In early 2016, critics savaged Warner Brothers’ Batman vs Superman, with Mashable giving one of the bluntest critiques: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice sucks. A lot. Fast-forward almost two years later and the same website declares, “maybe the problem with ‘Justice League‘ is that it’s not enough like ‘Batman v Superman.'”

LOL, yeah, I know, right?

But while critical responses to those two films are all over the map, neither appear to be cash-strapped. Bats vs. Supes managed to gross $870 million worldwide despite the venom from pretentious movie critics being spewed at it during it’s entire run. Justice League, facing a similar critical lashing, just wrapped up a $281 million opening weekend. So why the disparity between critics and box-office? Fans.

As points out this morning, audiences appear to love Justice League despite critics. The superhero team up film has the same Rotten Tomatoes audience average rating as Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok. They also mention that when it comes to viewer ratings, Justice League has more users rating the film — over 25, 000 more viewers to be exact. For Justice League to be maintaining such a high audience score even across a larger pool of respondents, audiences would have to be finding more to love about the DCEU film than critics did.



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