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Want to have your work featured here? Awesome! Please follow the guidelines below.

The type of content we’re looking for

Our no.1 goal with this site is presenting honest opinions on movies, TV shows, comics, etc. without the pretentious attitudes. When possible, we like to highlight social commentary in the reviewed material.

Every topic we run has to be of interest to our readers and provide some direct value. If you think you can give us an article/post/resource like that then you’re just the droid person we’re looking for!

Some fine details:

  • List posts, tutorials, quick how-to posts … they’re all good as long as they make the thing described above possible.
  • The content needs to be original. As in, never before published anywhere else.
  • I really can’t emphasize this enough, your content cannot violate any copyright laws.

Technical requirements:

  • 600+ words, please.
  • Examples, examples, examples!
  • Internal links to other content on our sites (that way we know you care)

You get to include a URL link to your website – if you have one – in the bio box – just one such link.

Note. We retain the copyright of every post published on our sites as long as our site is still online. If approved, you cannot republish your work elsewhere unless our site is no longer online.

How to get your work published here

  • Start by coming up with an article or review idea
  • Give us a two or three line summary
  • Send your idea via the form below (please don’t send us complete articles), along with 4-5 links to your previous work if you have any.
  • We will take a look at them, reach back to you and let you know what’s next.


How much does it pay? Right now, nothing. We’re just getting started and all costs associated are coming from our owner’s pockets. We realize this severely limits the talent pool available to us. But if you can write, have something to say, and need to build a portfolio of your work, this is the gig for you! Contact us below:

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